Baker's Percentage Calculator

If you would rather calculate baker's percentages using weight/mass, click here.

This calculator is inspired by The Bread Bakers Guild of America Formula Layout Standards, Part I, Diagram 3. Usage is simple:

  1. Enter total dough weight and formula percentages in the Total Formula column.
  2. If you are using a preferment, select the preferment type and data points.
    • If you are not using a preferment, select "None (straight dough)" under Preferment Type.
    • If you have an amount of flour or yeast that's not included in the Total Formula, I will recalculate total formula figures which include ingredients in the preferment.
    • Seed percentage can be confusing. The default values show 3% seed and 30% of flour prefermented. That means that the preferment would contain 10% seed (10% of 30% = 3%). For further clarification, read the BBGA documentation or click on Help for more information.
    • But if hydration levels in the preferment are too high for the total formula dough hydration level (final dough has a negative water amount), I will flash a message and bring you right back to this screen.
  3. Click on Calculate to see the Baker's Percentage table.

Total Formula

Preferment #1 (PF1)

Preferment Type